Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Espalier Booklet Finale

woodblock closeup

The Espalier woodblock is ready to go out into the world. This booklet was inspired by my love of growing plants of all kinds. Local production of delicate or perishable fruits and vegetables can be of benefit to everyone. Espalier, and other permaculture plantings can be incorporated into the design of a town or city.

The original woodblock is 14" x 18" 

In order for the booklet to fold, with all the images facing in the same landscape orientation, one column needed to be facing east and the other, west.

Horizontal Cordon



Arcure Method

Belgian Lattice

Triple U

Oblique Cordon


After the print is folded lengthwise, a carefully made cut is made along the fold, but just in the center, leaving the top and bottom images still attached.

this creates the pages 

Booklet with cover and informative flyer.

Here is the booklet, complete with cover and a simple flyer describing espalier in historical terms.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish further information about this work, thank you.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Woodblock Bookstyle

Books are amazing objects and making them is a wonderful exploration into, not only the subject of the book, but with artist books you can incorporate visual and physical elements that can enhance the topic. 

Espalier is an ancient method of training fruit-bearing trees to flourish in an efficient space. Placing trees in a protected area, against a warm wall gives them an advantages of a warmer climate. In order to accomplish these forms, a lot of pruning is required, and gardeners know that a good secateur is indispensable.

This is my second attempt at a cover for the woodblock booklet. This first cover was made to hold the woodblock print, and refer to the natural world with leaf rubbings, woodblock rubbings with crayon-resist, but did not enhance the subtle color of the woodblock's paper,which is a soft light green, with dark green ink. So this time I chose to make something with the clippers, to reference the tools. I traced them and filled the shapes with watery ink. This was fun, and interesting, and I kept adding colors and layers, but still it was not right -- maybe for something else.

Attempt number three: lenox paper (100% cotton paper, 250gm) sturdy -- this time something soft and green and quiet please. First, bees wax rubbings of branches, then watercolor, charcoal and more wax, polished to a nice sheen and voila!(two hours or so later), just what the artist ordered.

Hand made paper design for the cover of 'Espalier'. The interior of the book will have a grey lining, should I say silver? -- that was not planned. The other side of the 'pee-chee' style cover, will have a single information, very general, about espalier, and its history.

 Clients will have a choice between a hand colored/developed cover, or a digitally printed cover (this will allow a lower price for the booklet and woodblock print).
 Sorry about the glare,it is the shine from the bees wax coating. Next to the new cover is the woodblock print, they seem to complement each other very well.

These booklets will be available at my shop on Etsy
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