Sunday, April 2, 2017

Renewal. Woodblock work and some paintings.

As much as I would have liked to paint and draw out of doors this spring and late winter, the weather would not cooperate, as we only had a few days without rain during February and March. The best thing about having a studio with a view, is being able to paint, rain or shine.  These works are from a challenge of working with a limited palette. In this case:  quinacridone sienna, alizaron chrimson, chrom green oxide, yellow ochre, paynes grey, ultramarine blue and white.  Because the source of colors are set, the inventiveness must be pushed forward to meet the colors you require. A delightful challenge!
Over in the printmaking department, I am working on a booklet. This project is made with a single piece of paper, printed on one side, then folded to make, in this case an eight page booklet.
 Here is the full block, ready to carve -- well, after some adjustments.
 Because I have a bit of dyslexia, which can cause a difficulty with the direction that some images will face, I made a rubbing of the charcoal drawing so that I could fold the booklet to it's final shape and see that all the pages are facing the right way.
 The page is folded in half lengthwise.
 Then, along the middle seam, the pages are created by opening this seam and refolding.
Here is the booklet, standing, with its eight pages.
Yes, all images are facing the right way up, I have already begun the carving, and changed the imagery a little.
This is a graphite rubbing of the cherry blossom espaliered tree.

I'll be writing a small pamphlet about the history of the garden art of espalier and include it with the booklet, I am planning some sort of cover for the booklet and pamphlet, not quite sure about the design of it, just yet. 

Thank you all! Looking forward to hearing from you all. Thanks again.

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