Sunday, August 25, 2013

What's next?

On Saturday August 24th, Artists gathered at Portland Art Museum's Rental Sales Gallery to share their Artist's books.  Each person brought their own style to this varied medium.
Behind me are the display 'drawers' which hold hundreds of wonderful works of art.  I have been with this Gallery since 1985.  These events, 'Meet the Artists', allows the public and museum members to have the opportunity to hear what the artist's have to say about their work, what inspires them, the techniques or materials thay use.  A really nice program, and if you don't mind a little public speaking it is a lot of fun.  People seem to really enjoy seeing the ideas come to life and possibilities of the creative process.

I brought my 'Secrets of the Silk Road' - A book made in response to the attack on a cultural place named after a poet Al-Mutanabbi.  The following link provides the background in formation as well as depicts all of the books in the collection on display at the Center for Book Arts in New York City.  Additional exhibits are also listed, the interest to show this collection, or a portion of it continues and more venues are added, according to their capacity to show between 10 and 260 books in the entire collection/exhibit.   -  As you can see, so much creative effort has gone into these wonderful works, they are filled with genuine human responses, anger, sadness, injustice, but also there is hope in the 'rebel song that comes from underneath the rubble',  in culture, shared, traded and exchanged is the building of peaceful society.

I will have some new paintings, landscapes and a woodblock print for the Fall Show at Rental Sales and will look forward to seeing the fine people there.  Thank you Rental Sales for hosting the bookarts day.

I have also been a member of Print Arts Northwest since 1985.  This group has found a new home at the Multnomah Art Center in Portland Oregon.  We will be moving in September.  What a gift to have found a more central place for the band of printmakers here in the Pacific Northwest, and Portland (and environs, in particular).  
There will be a gallery and a place for print collectors to brouse through hundreds of prints, woodblock, etchings, monotyples, collage, reductive, engravings, linoleum and more.  You will be able to find lots of my work there too!  

This September I am hoping to paint every day.  This is the plan.  I am trying to develope a usefull and happy habit!  

Recently, I have had an opportunity to serve the community as an advocate for the arts.  Once the ball gets rolling I will keep you apraised of these events.  Thank you all for subscribing to this blog.

PS If you are on Facebook, I have a page for my art:  Renee Ugrin, Artworks.  Like it!

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