Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Sign of Progress

Though Spring has been hesitant to arrive, I have been marching forward with the vintage pocketbooks.  Some time spent with the press and some nice jazz on the radio resulted in these woodblock prints.

The top row is the newest image, thirty six total, then I'll choose the best thirty two.  The prints on the bottom row are the replacements for the eighteen prints which took part in the color mishap.  More carving has also been taking place. This little evening handbag is covered in beads, a cheerful challenge, I love the look!
To the right of the block is a graphite rubbing -- just to see the progress, more carving is required to bring the complex textures to life.

This approximately 4"x6" block is a newer landscape image which I am planning to print with Gamblin's Relief Ink.  Gamblin's Artist Colors is located here in Portland, Oregon.  These beautifully made inks are new to me, but the quality of their other artist quality oil paints and etching inks are not.    Rich and creamy the inks are outstanding.  This print will be a reductive work, with a soft transparent grey in the background and warm black in the foreground.

Here is a photo of our view with a raincloud.
This weather has a lot of opportunity for incredible sunsets and beautiful light.

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