Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Print Collection Saga Continues

The climate here in Oregon used to be very moderate.  Cool weather would give over to slightly warmer but still with our famous rain.  By June it is very pleasant with gorgeous days to come throughout the summertime.  This has changed in recent years, we have experienced great long stretches of extremely warm to downright hot weather.  Last year during one of these 90 degree plus weeks I thought I would retreat to the very cool print room.  The floor in this room is nice to spend a little time printing at the press in bare feet.  I had not been feeling very well and the heat exasperated a particular health problem -- so it sounded like a fine idea.  Without much preparation I dove into the printing but something was off.  I was looking at an unexplainable shift in the background color of the prints.  I added transparent medium, a little color to adjust the ink, but still it was not matching the first three prints.  After twenty prints or so I realized that I had been printing with the black/brown mix that I had been using for the detailed image of each print, rather than the transparent brown/red I had mixed for the background.  It might be a slight difference if you look closely, but it makes a big difference to me.  So, I am planning to reprint the purse images and add the correct color to their backgrounds over Spring Vacation.  So much work to remake, but at least I am not working with a reductive print, as there is no going back with those sorts.

Originally these were to be a 'print of the month' schedule.   My apologies to the original subscribers.  These are the next three prints with their black/brown detailed imagery.  Next, the background color will be added.  These should be ready by the end of March.

You might be wondering what will happen to the 'extras' that have the mistaken background color.  I am going to offer them for sale at a discounted price -- but please do not hope that more mistakes might happen with this result!  This error slowed down the entire works and I am doing my best to continue to complete the remainder of the imagery.  Next time I'll show more carving of the next blocks to be printed.  You can see some of them in this next photo.  Thank you all for following along!

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