Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy New Year

This time, I will start by thanking you, my subscribers, for following along.

I am more carefully picking up the reigns of my own work.  The Antique Pocketbook Series of prints has gone into a revision period.  I started this series under the happy guise of vacation time schedule.  Very different than the busy teaching schedule.  The teaching is very enjoyable but also very demanding in preparation and thought.

The first three prints, of the collection are complete, and available through my website, where PayPal is available for your convenience, should you wish to purchase this set.  I had hoped to have the entire collection of twelve finished by the end of last year but a few things stood in the way.

There are a total of twelve prints in all, as originally planned.  Each image consists of two blocks, one for each color.  The detailed image is printed and transfered to a blank block face.  The detailed image is carved away and background color is printed with this block.

I'll be printing these images on a Ray Trayle press.


This link is from Oregon Public Broadcasting's interview with Ray Trayle and other printmakers here in Portland Oregon telling the history of how Ray started building presses and won a Governor's Award for his contribution to the arts.  I am so lucky to have such a fine piece of equipment to print with, and am never disappointed by its quality of performance.

The collection of Twelve Vintage Purse prints will come in a hand made folder/cover.  This will be a limited edition of 30 Prints, each collection will be assigned its own edition number, resulting in a suite, an added value.

The entire collection of twelve hand carved prints will be available for purchase of $600.00, upon completion.  If you would like to preorder a subscription and receive these prints as they become available, the rate for all twelve prints and cover will be a total of $480.00, divided into four equal payments, or in full, as you wish.  If you are interested and contact me prior to May 1st, 2011, I will include a bonus mini-purse print.

This is the new layout of images.  Most of the images are in some state of process.  Within the three by four format, there is an alternating pattern of round and square shaped purses.  I liked the additional rhythm and structural theme that this gives to the entire collection.  I am not offering these images as individual pieces, though in the next post you will find out what caused some of the delay and there will be a particular image available at a bargain price!

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you all. Do share with your collector friends and keep supporting your local artists!  Buy handmade!

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