Thursday, April 1, 2010

March flipped it's saying -- "In like a lamb and out like a lion" is more appropriate for this year.  However, with all the rainy weather I have been able to be inside printing.  There is a lot of printing to do right now.  So far, I have printed the background color on the 'January' purse.

The 'February' pocketbook is next to receive its background color -- the same transparent rosy/brown.  All twelve will have this color, I like the consistency of the background, as the textures of all the images has really taken over the impetus of this project.  'March' has a lovely woven texture and 'April' will have another animal skin -- snake, this time.  I cannot really promote the use of animal skins in these times, but these were made long ago and far away, in another frame of mind.  I can only have great appreciation for the beauty that comes from the natural world and the opportunity to have a chance to feature it in this context.

Here is a view from the southern facing studio window.  I have a cherry block waiting to be printed with an image regarding the tentative existence of the bigger trees nearby and am recording the 'tree tops', most of the tree tops in the area will be at eye level, and we will not be left with trees to look up at or to, if we do not have an appreciation for them.

Here is a glimpse of the tree peony which temporarily resides in the greenhouse.  We weren't sure of its survival after transplanting, but it has graced us with a beautiful bloom.

I am still accepting subscribers for the Pocketbook Collection.  Thank you!

Back to printing and carving. 

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