Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Little Distance

I have been working on the images for January, February and March in concert.  There is a lot of close work, the transferring of the images from the original sketches to the blocks, the added details and textures that I have been adding after the general image is transferred and the up close carving of the textures that are becoming a vital part of these images.  But so much intent and close up work needs a balance, so I laid out the blocks with their images, or drawings out on the table so I could see them all together.  One thing I needed to decide was the order that I am planning on carving, printing and sending these prints.  So, here is the full year in calendar form.

I placed them as I would like to see them laid out as a whole image with twelve parts, each purse has either a roundish or a squarish profile and I like how they look all together in this alternating design.  After all 32 portfolios are printed I may try printing them together like this. 

I'll be posting the first stage of printing for the prints of January, February and March, very soon.  There is a lot more carving to do!


  1. Thanks Annie, I am a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person, so that my work evolves as it occurs -- I found that there is so much to say about our financial predicaments here in the U.S. that I it has rendered me speachless. I am going to stick with the artistic aspects of this endeavor. That will be plenty!