Friday, February 19, 2010

Background, middleground, foreground.

The choice and planning  of background color and form was more challenging than I thought.  Because the middle ground, or the purse itself is a light value, I wanted the background, a warm brown, to have a gradation.  So, after some thumbnail sketches and concentrated thought, it turns out that it will be a reductive form of woodblock printing.  I traced the image of the pocket book onto the back of the block and will be carving away the 'pocket book' shape, leaving the background to be printed in two stages.  First the background color, then the shadow color. 

The photo shows the original sketch, the now carved block with the background also carved away.  I decided to leave a frame around the outside.  The next photo is a rubbing.  I used a flat graphite crayon and a thin white paper to make this image.  The print will be a mirror image, but this gives me an idea of how the carving looks.  The details are stronger in the print than the sketches, and I really like how that looks.  The abstraction is also interesting as the tracings and transfers are acceptably unpredictable.

This winter we have had the company of Canadian geese, their loud calls and swarming flight in the neighboring field were awe inspiring.  There were hundreds and they use that field as a stop over.  The field is now owned by a beverage distribution company -- it is in the Damascus city limits, but we are hoping that there will be something more copacetic with the entire neighborhood.  Including the Art Village we are planning here on this property.

I do have room to accept more subscribers to the Pocket Book series.  Contact me through my email.  If you are interested, each print,a total of twelve, are $25.00 each.  You will be assigned a number for your set and this will give you a 'suite' of these prints.  The price will be going up on May 1st to $35.00 each. 

I think you will enjoy this series.  I'll be posting more progress on these soon.  The February and March prints are in the works as well and will be sent out, to those who subscribe, on April 1st. 

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