Thursday, January 7, 2010

The first woodblock print in the Pocketbook Portfolio

This is the first image in the Pocketbook Portfolio.  I chose the oldest looking purse in the group.  This one has an interesting pear shape, crisp tiny pleats and small green stones on the clasp.  It has a tiny satin coin purse inside that is connected with a cord and the whole purse is about life size in this image.  There are no labels inside but it does not look entirely hand made.

  After tracing the drawing I transferred it to the 9"x9" block using graphite carbon paper.  Tomorrow afternoon I will trace the image again with permanent marker so that the lines will not get lost when the printing starts.  I am really looking forward to carving.  


  1. Renee, I'm curious (as a novice block printer myself), what kind of wood do you carve on?

  2. Hi Darla, The wood I use is from McClain's, here in Oregon. They import it from Japan, it is a bass type of wood, and in plywood form to avoid warping. It is pretty easy to carve.