Thursday, December 17, 2009

A new beginning

I noticed that it has been over a year since my last post.  On the good advise of a friend I decided to take a year off from exhibiting my work.  This has been beneficial in many ways.  The best is that there is new work on the way beginning with this project. 

There has been a lot of concern for finances, national, local, personal, we have all become more aware of how our money works.  The benefits of buying local, buying hand made and buying organic.  I am still learning and hoping for better times ahead. 

My Mom was always interested in Fashion, Design and Art.  We were surrounded by Art and Music as small children and learned an appreciation for creativity.  She studied cosmetology, sewing, millinery, oil painting, portraiture, art, and many other things, and passed this joy of creativity on to us.  One thing she collected were purses.  I found so many wonderfully designed pocket books that I had to do something with this collection.  And seeing as we are all becoming financial experts, the purse is a good representative as to how we "vote" with our money. I also find them to be representative of form, function and innovative style.

  So, here goes.  I decided to choose twelve of those purses, and draw them with the intent to make them into wood block prints.  The prints will be sold on a subscription basis, for the entire portfolio of twelve editions.  I am beginning the process with showing the drawings and then post my progress with each print.  I hope you will follow along.

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  1. Glad you have your blog up and running. Good for you! I'm your first follower, I believe. I started thinking about your purses and realized that my project that I have started is also purses of a sort. Mine are based on the Plateau Bags of the Columbia Basin. I never thought of the correlation before. I'll be anxious to show you what I'm up to once I get the first design completed on paper. I'm about half way there.